Our Rates are highly competitive and affordable.



We offer Half and Full Day rates for Event, Studio and On Location Photo Sessions. We also offer rates per single item photographed for studio product Photography, based on the total quantity photographed at one time.

(The more items photographed, the cheaper the price!)



We offer Half and full day packages based on the size of the production team you require. Typically the rate for: one camera, tripod, sound recording, and a small lighting kit, start at $1200 /Day for Production. Post production video editing rates, are typically between $75-$100/hr depending on specific needs requested.


Please give us a call (514) 817-2232 or send us an EMAIL describing your type of project, budget, and company information, and we will contact you to discuss how we can customize a quote for your specific needs.


...a member of  The Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators.