Need an editor?
Do you have some old footage in the can; or video clips on your hard drive?
Do you have a corporate or private event that you captured on video?
...But don’t know where to start!
cadimage Productions has been providing video editing services for its clients for over 17 years. From simple corporate monologue capsules with titling and logos, to extensive, dynamic and creative post production editing, cadimage Productions offers a wide variety of services not too big or too small.
Senior Editor, Chris Dodson, has studied Film production at Concordia University, Majoring in Cinema (1990–1995), has worked as an editor for a Video Production company for over 10 years and has supplied professional editing services with cadimage to date.
Chris has extensive experience ranging from cutting 16mm film on an old Steambeck machine, linear tape to tape Panasonic editing systems, to experiencing the first generating of non linear digital editing, to finally working with today’s rock solid HD digital editing software.
He has fully experienced the transition from analog video systems and traditional film cutting, to the rapidly expanding HD digital era, bringing with him many years of technical experience and professionalism on the job.
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